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Wandering the ever-shifting halls and stalls of the Bizarre Bazaar, you see all manner of wondrous and strange items for sale. Enjoy brand new magic items of all rarities, including the Shiv of Cure Light Wounds, the Keurig of Despair, the Scroll-A-Day Tearaway Calendar, the Pocket Pipe Organ, and the Nose of Xevnac.

The main document and the item cards contain stats for the following new magical items:


  • Bagpipes of Invisibility
  • Shiv of Cure Light Wounds
  • Wand of Light Stab Wounds


  • Anomauly
  • Keurig of Despair
  • Nom de Gruyere 


  • Avalon Prime Membership Card
  • Curiously Strong Mints
  • Orb of Menace
  • Scroll-A-Day Tearaway Calendar

Very Rare

  • Easy Build Oven
  • Fossilized Thagomizer
  • Pocket Pipe Organ
  • Script, The


  • Cow Tools
  • Ki Blade, The
  • Mythbuster, The
  • Nose of Xevnac, The


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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