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A collection of CoffeeSnake Studio's early Fresh Press articles, revised for clarity and compliance with the Open Gaming License (OGL).

Master the powers of time with the Templar Fighter, Wyrdthief Rogue, and Paradox Mage Sorcerer.

Cast malign curses as a Barbarian who walks the Path of Blood. Champion a deity as a paladin sworn to the Oath of Divinity. Become a true master of Eldritch Blast with the Pact of the Flame pact boon for warlocks, as well as a host of new Eldritch Invocations and spells that modify (nearly) every warlock's favorite cantrip.

Fighter: Templar

  • Tides of War: By biding time, build up a reserve of energy to unleash in a flurry of action.
  • Overdraw: Borrow from your future to pay for your present, and unleash a flurry of action now.
  • Split Second: As a reaction, take your turn now.
  • High Tide: Gain a deeper pool of temporal energy
  • Eleventh Hour: Cast a special version of Time Stop.

Rogue: Wyrdthief

  • Steal Aspect: Gain a number of Heist abilities that allow you to steal ephemeral aspects of your foes, like their voice, their heart, or their breath.
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Gain proficiency with the disguise kit and forgery kit. 
  • Size Up: Spend time learning more about a target creature
  • Thief of Five Fates: When you steal aspects from a foe, they gain bane, and you gain bless. Or sunder their fate entirely.
  • Thief of Ages: Steal a target's form and memories if they die.

Sorcerer: Paradox Mage

  • Warp the Weave: Get the spell Tempt Fate for free, and your sorcery points pool now adds up instead of down, potentially invoking a Paradox Break if it gets too high. Paradox Breaks replace the spell you were attempting to cast entirely, and vary from disintegrating yourself to hurling a whale at your spell's target, to simply doing nothing, to making you immune to further paradox breaks for a period of time.
  • Revisionist History: Retroactively change aspects of your character, including spells known, race, gender identity, sex, personality traits, and appearance.
  • Paradoxical Precision: Gain some control over the Paradox Break rolls
  • Limit Break: For a time, you cannot cause a Paradox Break.

Barbarian: Path of Blood

  • Blood Magic: Gain some spellcasting, drawn from the warlock spell list. 
  • Scarlet Anointment: Cast and concentrate while raging, can be revived by magic with blood sacrifice rather than diamonds.
  • Death Curse: Pre-emptively burn death saving throws to cast bestow curse on those who harm you. 
  • Sanguivore: Drain the blood of your foes to fortify your flesh. 
  • Magnum Malefecum: Cast more powerful and diverse curses.

Paladin: Oath of Divinity

  • Divine Domain: Gain a channel divinity option of your deity's domain. 
  • Channel Divinity: Turn Apostate. Turn creatures anathema to your deity. 
  • Aura of Blessing: Bestow a limited form of the spell bless to allies in your paladin aura.
  • Sanctified Aura: Become full bless to allies in your paladin aura, enemies may suffer bane
  • Divine Avatar: Assume the mantle of your deity's might. Gain great power for one minute.

Warlock: Pact of the Flame

  • Learn eldritch blast, and learn to augment it to deal new damage types. Gain a blast spell, a new type of warlock spell that alters the functionality of eldritch blast, and an invocation that shapes eldritch blast to affect your foes in new ways.


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