CoffeeSnake Studios

A suite of new, slightly incorrect, cleric spells!
Rag and Bone presents a number of powerful new items and a mysterious new merchant to provide them to your players with!
A pack of bootleg magic items for your Tabletop RPG
69 new spells, including Detect Poisson and Disease, Power Word: Krill, and Wall of Horse
18 brand new magic items with a less-than-serious tone.
Serve the ever present algorithm. Spread the word. Become an #influencer.
Way of the Wild Heart Monks and Verdant Soul Sorcerers! Call on the might of nature with these new subclasses!
Enjoy new character creation options for the Game That Shall Not Be Named.
A plethora of new class options for the world's greatest unnameable RPG.
A one page RPG: Gather a crew, assemble a ship, and KOBOLDLY GO where no lizard has gone before!